Alexander Loyd’s book, “Beyond Willpower,” uses the Energy Medicine Tool (a practice of stacking your hands over your heart, forehead and crown and circling them in opposite directions every 15 seconds for three minutes per area, three times daily) in order to center oneself and find internal peace.

This tool will allow for the focus of our positivity attention to be grounded and centered on the locating the ailments we feel from our internal imbalance and not the external forces that clutter our mind, life and overall state of contentment, peacefulness and happiness.

If you feel overwhelmed by bills, commitments, loved ones and life itself, then the Energy Medicine Tool is a way for you to turn your attention internally and find that peaceful congruity you have been yearning for your whole life.

Click HERE for iTunes or Stitcher link or here for a youtube video I found with Loyd talking about his philosophy. The photo below will take you to Blinkest.



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