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Author: Jesse Mogle

David Winston: Make Ideas Matter

David Winston spoke at METal not to long ago and I was instantly interested in everything he had to say about polling, the statistics and data he pours through and how wrong so many were about how the 2016 Presidential election was going to play out. He has an innate ability to look past the politics, the warring parties and the fluff and noise coming from all sides and focus on what the people are actually saying when his company polls them. Being of a growth mindset, I love hearing data and facts to back up what someone is...

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Patrick Ananda: The Magnetic Man

Patrick Ananda started the Magnetic Man Blueprint as a way to help men get out of their heads and into the present. He is vastly different, and in fact not even comparable, to the “pickup artists” that seem to have proliferated since the advent of Facebook and lead generating ads. I mean, what guy wouldn’t click on an ad that promised him he would be dating models in less than 30 days if he just signed up for a thousand dollar program? Instead, Patrick teaches what he learned through trail and error – that a woman wants a confident...

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Lynn Murphy: Understanding how you personality effects your relationships

Google “personality characteristics” and you’ll find a whopping 638 personality traits in the very first entry. Assuming that’s all of them (it’s not), we have a staggering number of ways to label a person – just by the way they present themselves! Learning how to read others and then create a harmonious relationship through your actions can feel daunting to say the least. But what if there was a way to quantify your traits so that you understood EXACTLY why you behave the way you do? Enter the DISC personality profile assessment. DISC stands for: Dominance, Influence, Conscientiousness and...

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Lynn Murphy’s special DISC offer for my listeners

I think every one would benefit and gain a deeper understanding of their own behavioral tendencies and ways to make effective changes in their lives with this assessment.  Am I just shilling a friend’s product? Sure, of course, I think this personality profile is awesome. I read through mine regularly. BONUS: She is busting out a sweet deal for my listeners! $87 bones baby! Use the promo code Everything’s Interesting. And what will that investment in yourself get you?!? Okay, check out the details below. It’s the meat and potatoes of the assessment but I can assure you side dishes you’ll get, i.e. the insights into yourself in all aspects of your life, will blow you away. Your 20-page DISC Workplace Profile and in-depth report includes  In-depth explanation of your most natural behavioral tendencies.  Specific situations and roles that motivate you.  Specific situations and roles that stress you.  Your priorities in the workplace.  Clear information about the behavioral tendencies of each style, and how you react with them.  Strategies to increase your effectiveness when interacting with other behavioral styles.  Well-defined steps you can take to increase your workplace effectiveness. Here’s how to order your profile.  Send an email to info@keyinnovative.com requesting a DISC Workplace Profile. Include your first and last name.  Include Promo Code Everything’s Interesting in the subject line of...

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Josh Tickell: Kiss the Ground & Soil Rejuvenation

Josh Tickell became a household name, and went viral before viral was a thing, in 1997 when he drove his Veggie Van around the country fueled on nothing but used fryer grease. He has since directed multiple documentaries, won a Sundance award for best documentary, “Fuel” and tapped into communicating with millennials like none other. He joins the show this week because of his new book, “Kiss the Ground.” It is all about soil rejuvenation and how with proper soil care the world’s future food crisis can be averted. He spent over a decade looking into how farmers tend...

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