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Author: Jesse Mogle

Kenny Pasten, PTSD and the #RexFlagChallenge are inspiring

I met Kenny Pasten on a hike in Hollywood and knew he had to be a guest on my show. Unfortunately, since the taping his beloved Rexitron has passed away – making this tale even more heart-wrenching and touching. Below I have copied over Kenny’s story he wrote for change.org and his petition to get the flags listed as protected by the City of Los Angeles. Listen to the episode on iTunes and Stitcher! My name is Kenny Pastén. I have served for nine years in the United States Army. I continue to serve my country in the United...

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The Solar Eclipse is Breathtaking

Celestial events are an amazing way to put our lives in perspective. Regardless of humanity’s existence or not – the sun will orbit through the Milky Way, the Earth will orbit the sun and the moon will orbit the Earth. We make the choice everyday to live our lives the way we do. How will you spend your time? What kind of impact will you have on those around you? How will those people impact the lives of those around them because of the way you treated them? All lives matter and it’s time we started to treat each...

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Fighting Fracking & the Environment’s Rights

Grant township started a fight they intend to win. Standing up to Pennsylvania General Energy’s plan to put a fracking injection well in their town became a fight for the constitutional rights of the environment. Without people standing up to Big Energy, Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA, and people of his ilk will continue to devastate our natural landscape for the benefit of the multi-national corporations, the national corporations and the 1% this kind of action profits. The Trump era has ushered in a whole new agenda and the environment and what we can do to protect...

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Blink of the week: Beyond Willpower

Alexander Loyd’s book, “Beyond Willpower,” uses the Energy Medicine Tool (a practice of stacking your hands over your heart, forehead and crown and circling them in opposite directions every 15 seconds for three minutes per area, three times daily) in order to center oneself and find internal peace. This tool will allow for the focus of our positivity attention to be grounded and centered on the locating the ailments we feel from our internal imbalance and not the external forces that clutter our mind, life and overall state of contentment, peacefulness and happiness. If you feel overwhelmed by bills, commitments,...

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Fitness instructor and performer Bruce Elebee is interesting

Bruce Elebee has been an LA staple for fitness and nutrition training and consulting for over a decade. On top of that he is a dancer, singer and all-around great artists. His website, The Bee Hyve, is inspiring. Bruce consults musicians on their careers, their well-being and business strategies in all forms. He joins me today to talk about what keeps his clients fit and healthy and how he intends to take his knowledge and utilize it to get performers in shape for their grueling tour schedules – while consulting them on the intricacies of their artistic platform.  ...

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